Why Doppio?

Doppio is made exclusively from highest quality European Oak using a multilayered construction that offers an exceptional finish, affordable for projects of all sizes.

Choosing Doppio

The Doppio range is designed to be simple to understand and easy to choose, with our step-by step process guiding you through the choice of colours, board grade and widths.

By Colour

Start by choosing one of eighteen colours, ranging from lighter natural colours in white and grey oil finishes through to the dramatic darker tones.

Doppio patent image

By Grade

Next select you preferred board grade. Prime has a simple grain and little or no knots whilst Character provides a high level of knots and natural wood features.




Doppio boards are ideal if you are wanting to create a chevron, herringbone or Versailles patterned floor. With the choice of colours and grades, the finished look is limitless.

Chevron 770x125mm

Herringbone 600x120mm

Versailles 840x840mm

Board Width

Doppio multilayered boards are available in five different widths, ranging from 190mm to 400mm. Choose what works best with the dimensions and aspect of your space.

Border image

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