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Here we have curated our most in demand Mafi floors. Oak features strongly in natural light finishes through to darker Vulcano and Nero styles.

mafi Oak Natural
mafi Oak 1x Natural 1x White
mafi Oak White
mafi Oak Grey
mafi Oak Vulcano Medium Natural Oil
mafi Oak Vulcano Medium White Oil
mafi Oak Vulcano Natural Oil
mafi Oak Vulcano White Oil
mafi Nero Oak Vulcano Natural Oil
mafi Cor Ash Grey Oil
mafi Cor Ash Graphite Grey Oil
mafi Cor Ash Deep White Oil
mafi Larch Deep White
mafi Larch White
mafi Douglas Fir Lye White
mafi Coral Oak Natural
mafi Beech Fresco Duna White
mafi Carving Check
mafi Domino Larch
mafi Domino Ash

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All the boards in the Stratera range are made using European Oak with nine different finishes offering a world of choice for you to create that perfect floor.

stratera Oak Natural
stratera Oak White
stratera Oak Grey
stratera Oak Deep White
stratera Oak Arabica Light Natural
stratera Oak Arabica Dark Natural
stratera Oak Arabica Light White
stratera Oak Basalt Grey
stratera Oak Graphite Grey


The Doppio range is available in a wide palette of colours and finishes designed to inspire you to create a personalised look for your new floor.

doppio Atrani
doppio Pulsano
doppio Sapri
doppio Sorano
doppio Enna
doppio Lugo
doppio Avola
doppio Modica
doppio Imola
doppio Isernia
doppio Ceprano
doppio Procida
doppio Alba
doppio Diamonte
doppio Tivoli
doppio Pellegrino
doppio Arona
doppio Barletta