Private Terrace

This private terrace is located near the Austrian city of Graz. The homeowner chose Kebony wood for the terrace to ensure that it would provide long-term use and enjoyment, a guarantee made by many decking products that doesn’t always hold true.

Installing a new terrace is both time-consuming and expensive. Choosing durable materials can help homeowners avoid the repeated costs of maintenance, repair and reinstallation. When planning for this project, wood-plastic composite (WPC) options were quickly eliminated due to the unnatural look, tendency to overheat in the summer and becoming too slippery when wet.

Instead, the homeowner chose to pursue a material that provided both a natural and comforting aesthetic – making Kebony an easy choice. As it’s exposed to sun and weathering, the eco-friendly wood will transition from a deep brown color to a beautiful silver-gray patina, all while keeping its low-maintenance durability.

Photography by Mareiner Holz.