Oak Hill House with pre-weathered Kebony by Shou Sugi Ban

Pre-weathered Kebony cladding by Shou Sugi Ban was carefully selected by Claridge Architects for the external cladding of a single-storey family home located in Hampstead, North London for its level of durability. The wooden house suitably named, Oak Hill, is set at the foot of an original Victorian mansion block which comprises an extensive use of glass panelling to provide a widescreen view of the natural surroundings to promote the property’s open-ended nature.

Diagonally laid strips of “Hijo Ni Mirikiteki Na”, pre-weathered Kebony cladding by Shou Sugi Ban, were incorporated into the design, creating a neutral palette with simple grey tones which complement the suburban nature of the surrounding garden.

Karl Harrison, Founder of Shou Sugi Ban commented: “Kebony is one of the most durable woods that we have had the pleasure of working with. The charred effect helps to emphasise the detailed grain of the wood and this has been a popular choice for our customers. We can’t wait to showcase Shou Sugi Ban projects with Kebony in the future.”

Photography by Seb Scapolan, Claridge Architects / Shou Sugi Ban.