Cabin with Silver-Grey Facade

Owing to the country’s dramatic weather and the cabin’s exposed position, a durable cladding was required with the ability to withstand all weather conditions. The silver-grey sheen in Kebony’s patina, which develops after prolonged exposure to the elements, means the wood replicates the colours of the natural rock where the cabin is located and ensures the cladding blends seamlessly into the terrain – a key priority for the family. The weathered patina enhances the appearance of the untreated wood and is perfectly demonstrated at this cabin.

“In choosing the material, it was particularly important to us that the wood was environmentally friendly, in addition the fact that the cladding is maintenance-free was perfect for us” explained Christopher, owner of the cabin. “Instead of being tied to a paintbrush, we are able to make the most of our time in Hvasser; we would much rather spend quality time with the children and enjoy long walks in the area.”

Photos by © Per Erik Jæger