Modscape Home In Yackandah

Set in the rolling hills of North East Victoria, this home designed by Modscape sits on the outskirts of the early pioneering village of Yackandandah. Nestled comfortably into the side of a hill and following the contour of the land, this long, linear home disturbs the landscape minimally and takes full advantage of the stunning views.

The structure of the home consists of 7 modules organised around a central living zone. The master bedroom, guest bedroom and the children’s wing all hinge off this central zone. Mafi floorboards in Ash Medium Brushed Natural Oil were selected for this central area including the kitchen, dining, hallway and living areas.

To minimise environmental impact and reduce running costs, solar panels and rainwater collection tanks have been incorporated into the design. Mafi floors are 100% natural and embody a responsibility toward the environment. Our timbers are selected from sustainable forests all over Europe and the product is true to Mafi’s sustainable approach, with a no compromise, lacquer free, all natural finish and all natural glue.

The home meets all the functional requirements of a modern, sustainable home whilst embracing the beautiful, natural landscape that surrounds.

Photography by Chris Daile