Café Vue, Melbourne International Airport

Café Vue in Melbourne International Airport features the incredibly dark, rich and luxurious Mafi Acacia Vulcano Brushed Natural Oil. Installed over underfloor heating, this commercial installation went through rigorous testing including slip testing, heat testing, thermal resistance testing and stiletto testing (yes, no more nasty stiletto holes!).

Acacia is a fine porous hard wood with a modern character. The noble grain paired with partial knots and cracks and is typical of this wide plank floor. This particular floor is made from Piccolino planks, which are short, concise and ideal for parquetry, special installation layouts and restricted building heights in renovations. Mafi Acacia boards also come in lengths 1800 – 2400 mm and widths of 155 mm.

This timbers consistent dark colouring can be attributed to the Mafi Vulcano Thermo Heat Treatment. Vulcano woods are thermo treated. The woods are proverbially baked without chemical additives and are therefore given a darker shade across the entire material crosscut. Vulcano therefore represents a responsible and ecological alternative to tropical woods.