Vintage Hoboken

With Querkus we have succeeded in capturing the capriciousness of nature in an accessible and easy-to-process product. This way you don’t have to worry about product specifications, but you can concentrate completely on the look and feel that will make your project unique.

Querkus stands for an honest and authentic product. That is why we not only process new oak trees, but also give old oak beams a second life. Veneer from the latter category looks even more robust and robust. Recycling and upcycling at their best.

With Querkus we want to reduce our impact on the environment. By making a product with a long life cycle, by working exclusively with oak from sustainably managed forests and by environmentally friendly production processes. All this is guaranteed by our Pure Wood Charter.

Oak is highly regarded in the furniture industry and interior design. Due to its durability and excellent processability, oak has been used in our regions for centuries. Our buyers are therefore constantly looking for the best tribes of European origin.

Veneer Thickness
Panel Size
  • Matching Edge Branding Available
Flex Size
  • Matching Edge Branding Available
Joining Technique
  • Mismatched

$$$$ per square metre

Price guide

Prices quoted per sqm2 according to the type of wood, colour and construction.

  • $ $99 and below
  • $$ $100 to $149m2
  • $$$ $150 to $199m2
  • $$$$ $200 to $299m2
  • $$$$$ $300m2 and above